6X60 for BBC2 TX 2019

Documentary series following in unprecedented detail the tough decisions headteachers must make, and their dramatic impact on the students in their care.

School shows the intricate workings of the system as teachers try to cater for the differing needs of a huge number of pupils, in a world where parents’ expectations are rising, exams are getting tougher and no two children are alike.

I shot and directed an episode on Behaviour, and one on Social Mobility which I also took through the edit.

Epsiode 6 : Shooting PD and edit producer - Social mobility and accountability

In efforts to improve the school, headteacher David Spence rethinks the schools strategy in the lead up to GCSEs, involving targeting some of the disadvantaged students for whom extra funding is received. This new strategy is seen through the eyes of key teachers, the multi-academy trust’s CEO, Will Roberts, and an underachieving 16-year-old, Ja’Rule; and, As well as David Spence, who faces an Ofsted inspection in summer 2018.

”Superb viewing“
— Express
”Eye-opening, infuriating and occasionally heart-breaking“
— Telegraph
”Sharply important“
— Times