Glasschord Magazine: Jessica Voorsanger

July 2011 Issue of Glasschord


For Glasschord's Idolatry issue we interviewed Jessica Voorsanger and filmed her Star Trek Tribble Experience at this years Art Car Boot fair in East London. Jessica Voorsanger is a London based artist whose work explores fame and celebrity.

Born on the Upper West Side of Manhattan it was there she first felt the childhood excitement of seeing celebrities on the street and it is this she wanted to re-explore in her work. In a time obsessed with celebrity culture she explores the relationship between the fan and the idol, a gap she says "feels so close for the fan, and so distant for the idol"

I spoke with Jessica about her idol and her work and how her work is changing in response to reality television, and the demise of the "aspirational celebrity". This is the interview and a video of her installation at the Art Car Boot fair in East London.

Tags: #Artist #Startrek #Celebrity